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Declined Applicants

[Declined] Trolica - Beast Mastery / Survival Hunter

Your CharacterCharacter Name: TrolicaServer: The MaelstromLevel: 90Class: HunterRace: Troll/played: 145 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs:I switch my talents and glyphs based on the encounter, depending on the abilites need...
Member avatar small Trolica 3y
Trolica4424Small Santuzi 3y
Declined Applicants

[Withdrawn] Ofdoom Destruction Warlock

Your CharacterCharacter Name: OfdoomServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: WarlockRace: Troll/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: I guess you can see all that on my armory link. However, I switchbetween using glyph of...
Member avatar small Ofdoom 3y
Ofdoom5397Member avatar small Ofdoom 3y
Declined Applicants

[Withdrawn] Zíppo Frost Mage

Your CharacterCharacter Name: ZíppoServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: MageRace: Troll/played (optional): 35 days and 15 hoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Raiding as frost, just gearing up to go fire. using evocation, splitti...
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zamoht195332Member avatar small zamoht19 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Invector - Fury Warrior

Your CharacterCharacter Name: InvectorServer: DunemaulLevel: 90Class: WarriorRace: Orc/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Fury - DeathFromAbove, UnendingRage, ColossusSmashWhy did you choose that spec and thos...
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invector8369Small CodyMVO 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Enhancement Shaman application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: OturanboaServer: DunemaulLevel: 90Class: ShamanRace: Tauren/played: Time played on this lvl: 16 days, 13Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Enhancement. Glyphs are as seen on armory.Why did you choo...
Member avatar small Oturanboa 3y
Oturanboa4141Member avatar small Oturanboa 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: FjungServer:EU-AuchindounLevel:90Class:ShamanRace:Panda/played (optional): 106days Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs:i have mainly raided as restoration but after 3-4 expansions as dps as off spec ...
Member avatar small Tim Falsing 3y
Tim Falsing5227Member avatar small Matty 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: MehndoiServer: Ragnaros Level: 90Class: HunterRace: Orc/played (optional): 12 days, 2 hours.Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Survival & Disengage / Deterrance / Animal Bond (Usually, but its ...
Member avatar small Mehndoi 3y
Mehndoi2171Member avatar small Matty 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Theuntamed application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: TheuntamedServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: HunterRace: Troll/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Survival - Major: Animal Bond, No Escape, MDWhy did you choose that spec and those g...
Member avatar small Theuntamed 3y
Theuntamed3149Small CodyMVO 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Ushir Shadow Priest

Your CharacterCharacter Name: UshirServer: StormscaleLevel: 90Class: PriestRace: Goblin/played (optional): 535 hours (lol)Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Void TendrilsAngelic FeatherFD,CL / Insanity (depends on fights)Angeli...
Member avatar small Ushir 3y
Ushir2126Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Devafrog Fury/Arms application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: DevafrogServer: (H)StormscaleLevel: 90Class: WarriorRace: Orc/played (optional): 36 days(2 more warriors on other realms)Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs:Fury:Double TimeImpending VictoryDisruptin...
Member avatar small Devafrog 3y
Devafrog8219Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Kadmio BM/Survival Hunter

Your CharacterCharacter Name:KadmioServer:StormscaleLevel:90Class:HunterRace:Orc ( cause of it's increased pet dmg )/played (optional): on this character; 133Days and 9hoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Level 15: Crouching...
Member avatar small Kadmio/Marcus 3y
Kadmio/Marcus6189Member avatar small Matty 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Paladin Protection/Retribution

Your CharacterCharacter Name: PrixtizServer: StormscaleLevel:90Class:PaladinRace:Blood elf/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / Equipment Raiding Spec & Glyphs: Protection/Retribution, Decent glyphsWhy did you choose that spec and those glyphs...
Member avatar small Prixtiz 3y
Prixtiz2105Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Hunter / Pala (ret-holy)

Your CharacterCharacter Name: QualeServer: StormscaleLevel: 90Class: Hunter / palaRace: Goblin / b-elf/played (optional): Around 400-500daysWhy did you choose that spec and those glyphs?I dropped a few questions, and I'm really sorry for not doing...
Member avatar small Quale 3y
Quale2101Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: HolygrailServer: Ragnaros (will switch to stormscale if accepted)Level:90Class:PaladinRace:Female belf/played (optional):25 days played in level 90Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Holy - glyph of...
Member avatar small Holygrail, holy paladin 4y
Holygrail, holy paladin5225Member avatar small Matty 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Hunter

Your CharacterCharacter Name: UglybowServer:StormscaleLevel:90Class:HunterRace:Troll/played (optional): 35d 17h 30mTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: 15 Posthaste Narrow Escape Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimeradepents...
Member avatar small Uglybow 4y
Uglybow6397Member avatar small Matty 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Harmsen - Prot Warrior

Your CharacterCharacter Name: HarmsenServer: StormscaleLevel: 90Class: WarriorRace: Tauren/played (optional): 47 days, 20 HoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: it really depends on the boss fight. but on most fights i go with...
Member avatar small harmsen 3y
harmsen278Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Fire mage (Frostaholic)

Hey, I'm frostaholic from the Reddit guild and I'd like to join in as well.Got 568 ilvl and got 14/14 Normal SoO and got up to Galakras in Heroic experience.Can consider changing specc as well, depending on what actually seems to be most effective.
Member avatar small Frostaholic 3y
Frostaholic3109Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: NilanianServer: ZenedarLevel: 90Class: HunterRace: Troll/played (optional): 193 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: BM and Survival - depending on the fight. I play both specs regurlary so I can...
Member avatar small Nilanian - Hunter 3y
Nilanian - Hunter2181Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] destro lock apply

Your CharacterCharacter Name: WhiskëyServer:stormscaleLevel: 90Class: warlockRace: goblin/played (optional): 30 ishTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: destruction [Glyph of Eternal Resolve] [Glyph of Havoc] [Glyph of Siphon Life...
Member avatar small weryln 3y
weryln2119Small Topmanboycie 3y
Declined Applicants

[Declined] Protection warrior application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: KushdaddyServer: StormscaleLevel: 90Class: WarriorRace: Tauren/played (optional) 56 days on this char, which is my 3rd warrior. situational gear (O...
Member avatar small Kushdaddy 3y
Kushdaddy3162Small Topmanboycie 3y