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Matty / Mar 13, 2014
Our first week of heading into 25-man raiding was sketchy at first, however despite the fact we were running 6 social players and several under-geared characters we were able to push ourselves to a massive 10/14HC bosses in our first reset.

With some recruiting, and some poaching *hides*, we were able to recruit a few extra players (still running 2-3 socials). With the newly joined members, and some alterations for certain encounters, our first raid night took us to 8/14HC and our second night 11/14 with only 13 wipes, we were able to push over Thok allowing us to have Monday freed up for some interesting Siegecraft attempts.

Our Thok kill itself, wasn't the cleanest, but as you know, a kill is a kill. I'm unsure if whether any of our raiders were recording the fight (or broadcasting), but I did manage to snag myself a cheeky screenshot of the kill itself.

As mentioned, previously we are actively recruiting reliable DPS to further our progression, also recruitment is open for all exceptional players regardless of spec.
Matty / Mar 07, 2014
After much consideration, we've taken it upon ourselves as a guild to move away from the overcrowded realm Stormscale. This decision wasn't taken lightly, and had many factors to contribute to the final choices made. The obvious being that when Warlords of Draenor finally hits, the queue times to log in and play will be ridiculous to say the least.

We are now apart of the joint realm of Auchindoun, Dunemaul and Jaedenar. Despite the lack of horde guilds progressing inside Siege of Orgrimmar we've managed to establish two solid 10 man teams, and we are now looking towards 25-man. With a few socials, and some poorly geared players, our first 25-man Heroic raid night saw us achieve 6/14, and our second night pushing further with ourselves facing up to Spoils for Monday. As mentioned, we are still using social members/undergeared players which has unfortunately hindered some of our progress. As this new chapter of our guild life is unfolding, we want you to be apart of it. With this being said we are now actively opening recruitment for reliable, experienced ranged DPS along with 1 Death Knight (DPS) and Feral Kitty.

We hope to have some fresh meat in our raids soon, and allowing us to push further up on the progress ladder.

On a side note, you will never go without a Jeeves it seems after finding out tonight we do run with quite a few ;)

Matty / Feb 13, 2014
Our second full night of progress on Paragons, and from going forward to backwards, then backwards to forwards we were able to finally defeat the boss. There were some messy issues causing issues for us, lag hitting home, people not moving from things, and generally slack.

After losing our healer Azeline with 4 Klaxxis left to come down, our Resto Shaman Trumbe stood up and took shit to another level. Despite him dying to some of our earlier attempts ;)

Despite some ups and downs, arguments and raging we were calling our last attempt of the night. After our healer died, our lovely Rogue, LĂ­cky thought we were calling it and begins to turn away Manipulator. Quickly realizing this, we were able to handle all of the next set of Klaxxis perfectly.

Excellent job from everybody who performed amazingly. Now it's time to focus on Garrosh, let's get this content cleared and push to 25-man.

Another another note, a big congratulations to our newly reformed second group who were able to defeat Spoils of Pandaria, with them now focusing on Thok we can hopefully see a very strong 25-man team coming together.
Matty / Feb 03, 2014
A new reset, and we were able to quickly clear everything up to and including Thok on Wednesday. This left us with two solid raid days to work on our new goal Siegecraft.With only three raid days in total of attempts/progression we were finally able to have our Group 1 team push forward and knock Siegecraft fairly quickly. After a slight tweak to tactics, we were able to quickly gain solid low percentage progression despite the issues we faced with positioning during the fire phase.

Our ranged and healers had a few issues with positioning, not to mention our silly ole Monk tank decided to start our first few attempts tonight using the healer cloak.. Not to mention him using silly glyphs/specs for our attempts didn't help anything. So after a little diving into some research, he quickly redeemed himself and it was quickly made apparent.

Our kill video will be released in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for some lovely Panda flying during the last 15 seconds of the fight *wink

We have brought in a few new members to the guild who are now making a more solid Group 2. We look forward in seeing what they can achieve in the next few weeks. With that being said, we are opening recruitment once again for a few last spots; preferably a ranged caster (I.e. Warlock or Boomy).

We have our first POV kill video up courtesy of our Elemental Shaman - Darnn. We will hopefully upload a few other POVs shortly, our Monk Tank will hopefully be able to render his file sooner rather than later.

Matty / Jan 24, 2014
After a fresh new reset, and a slight tweak on tactic we were able to quickly clear up to Thok on Wednesday leaving us with a fresh raid to work on Thok. Fortunately for us all this didn't last long as after an hour of the raid and having out Hunter hop on it we were able to quickly execute an almost flawless kill (Blame Frac for the boss deciding to munch us). It was the first fight that we have recorded after the merge, and I regret to inform you it was done by myself playing my offspec. Mistweave Monks suck ass on that fight...

Anyway, congratulations to all of those in Group 1, shortly after killing we took a brief break and started our progression on Siegecraft. Despite only having a couple of attempts on this boss we were able to push him to 48% before the panic arrived. We hope to have this boss down either this reset or next and be that one step closer to Garrosh.

The kill video for our Thok kill has now been uploaded, and can be seen below. The music was picked up from my Spotify silly me, so you will listen to some of my lovely music along with Teamspeak banter.