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Guild Applications

[Pinned] How to create a WoL report

How to register an accountIn order to create a World of Logs report, you will first need to register an account on their website. This can be done by visiting this has been done you will be sent an ac...
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Public Off-Topic

[Pinned] Requesting Access

If you've recently joined the website and/or guild and require access to certain areas, you will be required to contact myself (Facepalm) in-game for permissions to be granted.This also applies to those who are retired raiders and social members o...
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Guild Applications

[Pinned] Private Application

If you wish to keep your application private, please PM your application to Matty on here. Please allow up to 3 days for a response.Keep in mind when applying privately, it limits our view on how you interact with members of our guild who could ma...
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Guild Applications

[Pinned] Application Template

If we aren't recruiting your class, but you think you are an exceptional candidate, feel free to apply anyway.Please use the following template as it ensures you give us all the information we are looking for. We will not accept applications from ...
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Guild Applications

[Pinned] Guild Info (Read Before Applying)

Stratagem is a (fairly) newly formed guild who has recently merged with Severance. The guild has many members who've played in high-end guilds over the years.We run two active 10 man raiding groups. Our Group 1 current progression is 13/14HC with ...
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[Pinned] Temporary Forum
Public Guild News

[Pinned] Temporary Forum

Welcome to the forums!As mentioned on the front page, this will be our guilds temporary Guild Forum until our main website has been finalized.
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Guild Applications


i would help any way i can. =)
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Guild Applications

Rogue application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: DraginServer: StormscaleLe1vel: 90Class: rogueRace: blood elf/played: 4 yearsTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: combat for most encounters with glyphs of redirect, smoke bomb and evasion (for prote...
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Guild Applications

Elemental and resto shaman

Your CharacterCharacter Name: IoshServer: AuchindounLevel: 90Class: shamanRace: Goblin/played (optional) Total time played: 29 days 16 hours 53min 22secTime played this level 26 days 8 hour 53min 53secTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec &...
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Declined Applicants

[Declined] Trolica - Beast Mastery / Survival Hunter

Your CharacterCharacter Name: TrolicaServer: The MaelstromLevel: 90Class: HunterRace: Troll/played: 145 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs:I switch my talents and glyphs based on the encounter, depending on the abilites need...
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Declined Applicants

[Withdrawn] Ofdoom Destruction Warlock

Your CharacterCharacter Name: OfdoomServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: WarlockRace: Troll/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: I guess you can see all that on my armory link. However, I switchbetween using glyph of...
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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Alphaa, Protection Paladin.

Your CharacterCharacter Name: AlphaaServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: PaladinRace: Tauren/played (optional): 210DaysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: lvl 15I take Speed of Light cause i like the active speed boost, i never like'...
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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Velayna, Blood Elf Mage

Your CharacterCharacter Name: VelaynaServer: KazzakLevel: 90Class: MageRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): 499 days, 10 hours, 30 minutesTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: I play as Fire, I have pretty much always played Fire ev...
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Public Raids

Asaris Altruns.

Hello and welcome to Asaris Altruns. My aim with this is that once every week, we clear SoO 10 Normal, and eventually killing some HC bosses each week as our gear level progresses. As we do not have enough alts with good enough gear in the guild y...
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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Rogue Apply

Your CharacterCharacter Name: RodServer:KazzakLevel:90Class:RogueRace:Undead/played (optional):129 days, 12 hours,47 minutesTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentSubterfuge, Combat Readiness, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Prey on the Weak, Anticipation and (Burs...
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Declined Applicants

[Withdrawn] Zíppo Frost Mage

Your CharacterCharacter Name: ZíppoServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: MageRace: Troll/played (optional): 35 days and 15 hoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Raiding as frost, just gearing up to go fire. using evocation, splitti...
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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Minerva - Protection Paladin

Your CharacterCharacter Name: MinervaServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: PaladinRace: Tauren/played (optional): Total time played: 480 days, Time played this level: 71 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Spec: ProtectionTalents:...
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Declined Applicants

[Declined] Invector - Fury Warrior

Your CharacterCharacter Name: InvectorServer: DunemaulLevel: 90Class: WarriorRace: Orc/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Fury - DeathFromAbove, UnendingRage, ColossusSmashWhy did you choose that spec and thos...
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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Application Priest

Your CharacterCharacter Name: GrandpopaServer: KazzakLevel: 90, ilvl 568Class: Disc PriestRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): 27 days, 18 hoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmennTalents: Void Tendrals (not much to choose from here), Body and Soul (Nice to...
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Declined Applicants

[Declined] Enhancement Shaman application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: OturanboaServer: DunemaulLevel: 90Class: ShamanRace: Tauren/played: Time played on this lvl: 16 days, 13Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Enhancement. Glyphs are as seen on armory.Why did you choo...
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