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Stratagem is a (fairly) newly formed guild who has recently merged with Severance. The guild has many members who've played in high-end guilds over the years.

We run two active 10 man raiding groups. Our Group 1 current progression is 13/14HC with progress on Garrosh, and Group 2 are 10/14HC with progression now focused on Thok.

Raid Days *during progression

Wednesday, Thursday, Monday with an additional raid day(s) and hours being added if interest is high enough

Our raid times are 19:30 - 23:00. We rarely go over times, however if we are close and players are able to stay we will push.

Loot System
We use loot council. We try to balance loot distribution on the aims of to gear the raid to allow the fastest progression possible, alongside rewarding players for good performance and consistency.

What we expect of you
Our members pride themselves in getting the most out of their gear/class and performing at a consistent and high level. A basic requirement of this is that we expect all of our players to use the best enchants / gems available and full consumables when we raid. Good raiding skills are also considered essential. Understanding that a raid is a team of 10 people, not 9 people supporting your aspirations in this game.

A working and reliable internet connection is essential.

Although we are a very multilingual guild, our common language is English and in order to be successful here you most be able to communicate effectively in English, in both writing and on TS

If you are accepted, we expect that your performance should be on par with our existing members. You should be actively looking for ways to improve your dps / healing / tanking. We will be forced to replace if you don't come up to the standard required.

Log reports

Due to the ease of obtaining semi-decent gear, and the legendary cloak being not so legendary. We are requiring all applicants to submit a World of Logs report for their applications. As we are unable to truly see your performance, these logs will allow us to gain a rough idea of how you perform with others from your up-time on the boss, damage taking, consumables taken and when and so on.

If an application hasn't uploaded a log or linked to one from their current guild then you will most likely be unsuccessful in being accepted.

Current Recruitment
Please take your time when making your application and make a good first impression. All applications should include logs, raiding experience and solid background to judge your character from.

We are currently opening recruitment to EXCEPTIONAL classes and specs.

As we are planning on expanding our raiding squad in anticipation for WoD we are actively recruiting to move to 25-man raiding.

In all cases we are looking for players who will improve our lineup.

We will always consider exceptional applicants of any class. Feel free to contact one of our officers for the latest recruitment status.
Facepalm - Officer and Healer.
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