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How to register an account

In order to create a World of Logs report, you will first need to register an account on their website. This can be done by visiting

Once this has been done you will be sent an activation link to the email address you have chosen to register with, you will need to log into your email account and activate this in-order to create your own guild (You can name this what you wish).

Simply check your email and you should have something similar to this (*Check your spam/junk mail in-case it has been sent there)

Simply click the link on the page (*in blue and underlined) saying activation page. This will open a new window which will show the following message.

By clicking the 'Activate' button you will be shown the next page and your account has been successfully registered and activated.

Now that you're registered and activated, login to your account and see the next steps for creating a guild.

How to Create A Guild

Once you've registered, activated and logged into your account, you will see the following in the top right of your screen.

By clicking the word create, you will be sent to the Create a Guild registration form. This form doesn't have to be confirmed, as any name can be registered, so use something that you are happy to continue using in the future.

Once complete, press the Create Guild button. Make sure before continuing that the details you've entered are correct, such as realm and faction (It can bug out otherwise).

How to record and upload logs

Now at the top of your screen, your navigation bar (top right of the webpage) will now show the following information.

By clicking the Client button, you will be promoted with a download called "client-4.2.jnlp", this file is completely safe and uses the latest version of Java (* Visit for the latest download).

I suggest you 'Open With' than 'Save File' due to any updates in the future will always be most up to date on the website. Once you have opened the file it should look as so (sometimes errors can occur, just simply press 'OK' to dismiss them.

You will then be asked if you wish to run the application. As mentioned this is completely safe and many to all guilds will vouch for the safety it will have on your computer.

Once you have accepted the 'Run' option, the application will now be running. You will need to leave this running at all times for this guide as it's the easiest way to upload your logs. The application will look as so:

In the top right of this client you will need to select the 'Edit' button to have it linked to your WorldofLogs account and under the correct folder to extract your log file. The window should look roughly as so:

When all details are finalized and correct, you can now tab back into game and type the following /combatlog into your chat window, then press enter. It will display the following message

Once this message has been displayed, tab back to your WorldofLogs client and press the 'Start a Live Report Session' button, shown below:

As soon as this has been pressed it will open a new client window which will begin reading from the log file, after each time you enter combat it will begin the log, and end when you are removed from combat. This will only work within a raid zone including LFR, Flex, Normal and Heroic.

I would suggest after each boss kill and/or attempt you press the 'Sync Now' button or you can wait until you've finished the raid dungeon. Keep in mind if you re-log or exit the game at any point the logs will stop and will need to be started following the in-game command shown above.

In order to access and view your logs, simply click the 'Open report' button which will open a link into a new browser window directly at the report you are currently logging.

Hopefully this will help, for any questions and/or comments regarding this, please send me a private message on the forums.
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