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Your Character
Character Name: Alphaa
Server: Jaedenar
Level: 90
Class: Paladin
Race: Tauren
/played (optional): 210Days

Talents / Glyphs / Equipment
Raiding Spec & Glyphs:

lvl 15
I take Speed of Light cause i like the active speed boost, i never like'd passive speed on paladin's.
In alot of raid situations you have to be rather quick in movement like on juggernaut the mines to soak.

lvl 30
I just take Fist of Justice, cause of the low cd and good time of stun on target.
in raid envoirements you hardly do not take Repentance or Evil*

lvl 45
This is the "special" one, i do take Eternal flame cause in my point of vieuw its the best uptime and most.

lvl 60
Unbreakable spirit is best for active medigation, but if your raids needs more HoP, HoS then you take clemency easy as it is.

lvl 75
Divine Purpose is just overall best for overall fights, for like malkorok HC you take "Holy Avenger" for more uptime of Shield of Rightous buff.... and then also more EF hot !

lvl 90
Its so fight depending what to take here.
On Immi HC you take Light's hammer for adds.
For Malkorok HC Execution Sentence, if you put it up after the Bloodrage your gonne be seeing very hard hits every single tick.
Holy Prism, in my point of vieuw more a 10 men talent to help healer out of for example jugger HC.

Final Wrath
Alabaster Shield
Divine Protection ( must have for most fights )
Focused Shield on some fight is really good.

Why did you choose that spec and those glyphs?

Its work the best for me and i adjust it to the fight mostly. easy as that!

Equipment: Link to your character on (Try to have your raiding equipment on when logging off)

Any situational gear (Offspecs etc.)

Got Retri gear, of course its kinda tank gear :)
569 Ilvl.

Information about your off-spec capabilities

Trade Skills / Level
Profession 1:Mining 600
Profession 2: Enchanting 600
First Aid: 600
Cooking: 41 Cause YOLO
Fishing: 211 Cause yeah

When did you first start playing World of Warcraft?
It goes back 7-8 years now. to addicted!
I played Vanilla as casual, and started raiding in TBC
Done everything up to sunwell and Illidan.
With the guild Legends Of Azeroth, They disbanded in the beginning of Wotlk.

Wotlk i played with RF friends, where we did everything up to 11/12HC
They Disbanded after Wotlk.

Cataclysm was an off year. was just doing casual raiding and nothing special there.

MoP i started off doing MsV on my mage topping the meters!
But that guild did not give me what i needed.
Then i quit for like few months and then SoO hitted and joined claymore, where valthur joined in aswell.
did 10/14HC 10 men.

Previous/Current Guild(s):
Reasons for leaving:

Few guilds but all disbanded basiclly.

Your raiding Experience: (from when you started playing the game to now [at the appropriate level of the raid instances])
Karazhan 11/11
Zul'aman 6/6 (best ever)
Gruul 2/2
Magtheridon 1/1
TK 3/4
MH 5/5
BT 9/9
Sunwell 2/8
Voa 4/4
Naxx 15/15
Os 1/1
EoE 1/1
Uld 12/14
Ony 1/1
Toc 5/5

ICC: 11/12 HC (Lich King left)
BWD: 6/6
DS: 6/8 HC
Siege of Orgrimmar: 10/14 HC

What hours of the day can you raid between?
-Mostly 19u-23u

What days can you raid on?
-Alot but the guild raiding day's fit me better then most guild

Will you be at the raid location on time?
Of course

Will you go AFK for dinner during the raid?
Yesh of course ( no, really no! )

Do you have the legendary meta gem?

Do you have the legendary cloak? (If not, state why and how far)

About You
Your name:Glenn
Your age:22
Your country: Belgium
A bit about who you are and what you do for a living:
I work at a Store as Commercial guy, The biggest Store of Canon Printers and faxing!
i work everyday till 18u and of course every day?

Why do you want to join us?
Cause you guy's seem nice what i have heared so far, Also Valthur is in the guild and was always my WoW partner.
I know the guy for like 18 years or so.
And i like to progress on fights, and it seems that you guy's may bring that along.

Why should we choose you over another member of your class?
Cause i bring a nice flow to raiding, and also the exp as a 7 year raider.
Its a passion and you notice that on me, i know my class in and out!
When Raid leader call me to do something, i will be there in a snap.

What are your in-game goals?
I would love Server First on something.

Computer specification:
Z77 Millarty Class
32Gb Ram
I7-3770 3.2GHz non clocked
R7990 3gb
Windows 7 64Bit
2SSD -1x60gb
6TB on storage

Internet Connection:
Do you have problems with your connection/computer? Not at all. - Use this website to provide us with a speed test.

Do you like talking on Teamspeak both during and outside of raids?
Yes, its a fun fact. Its amusing

Knowledge and theory-craft
Do you read theory about your class?
Of course Sacred Duty is a nice follow liner.
Nice disscussion on there as well.

How do you keep yourself up to date?
By reading alot on work :D

Which sites and forums do you visit?
Sacred duty, wow forum, icy veins forum, mmo forum

Logs from your previous guild/raids *required:

Anything Else?
Anything else you'd like to note? Valthur is in the guild, only reference i think

Link to UI Screenshot with key bindings:
#9274992 Mar 22, 2014 at 04:18 PM
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Thanks for your application, we'll come back to you shortly. Please keep an eye for any queries thrown your way as well.
Santuzi - Tank officer.
#9275347 Mar 22, 2014 at 05:32 PM
Guild Master
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you have a Trial at ToT HC 2nyt at 8pm game! :) be prepared
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