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Your Character
Character Name: Iosh
Server: Auchindoun
Level: 90
Class: shaman
Race: Goblin
/played (optional) Total time played: 29 days 16 hours 53min 22sec
Time played this level 26 days 8 hour 53min 53sec

Talents / Glyphs / Equipment
Raiding Spec & Glyphs: Elemental
Why did you choose that spec and those glyphs? i choosed that spec because its my favorite spec and those glyphes becuase they are good for raids

Equipment: Link to your character on:
Any situational gear (Offspecs etc.) resto but still need gear for it

Information about your off-spec capabilities

Trade Skills / Level
Profession 1: Alchemy
Profession 2: Engineering
First Aid: 600/600

When did you first start playing World of Warcraft? i start playing WoW at the end of TBC
Previous/Current Guild(s):Atm not in a guild but previous was in perplexity sylvanas ally and control freaks
Reasons for leaving:I left perplexity cuz the GM took 400k from GB and left guild and bought boost garrosh hc so i left and other core members left,Control freaks i was social

Your raiding Experience: (from when you started playing the game to now [at the appropriate level of the raid instances])
WoTLK exp:
NAX 10/25 clear
ulduar 10/25 clear
togc 10/25 clear
Icc 10/25 clear

Cata exp:
BoT normal and hc cleared
BwD normal and hc cleared
ToT4W normal and hc cleared
fireland normal and hc cleared
Dragon soul normal and hc cleared

MoP exp:
MSV normal and hc cleared
HoF normal and hc cleared
Toes normal and hc cleared
ToT normal and hc cleared
SOO 11/14hc Blackfure 5% wipe

What hours of the day can you raid between? All time i can
What days can you raid on? All days
Will you be at the raid location on time? Yes
Will you go AFK for dinner during the raid? Nop only in breaks

Do you have the legendary meta gem? Yes i do
Do you have the legendary cloak? (If not, state why and how far) Yes i do

About You
Your name: Abed Rahman khaled
Your age: 22
Your country: Lebanon
A bit about who you are and what you do for a living: i am 22 years old i work in a travel agency hobbies are basketball running swimming

Why do you want to join us? i am looking for good exp guild with epic raiders and know what to do
Why should we choose you over another member of your class? Because i am special Tongue and know my class well

What are your in-game goals? To have good progress and raid with good raiding guild with good progress

Computer specification:
Internet Connection: Stable
Do you have problems with your connection/computer? Nop -
Do you like talking on Teamspeak both during and outside of raids? I talk but not alot

Knowledge and theory-craft
Do you read theory about your class? Yes i do
How do you keep yourself up to date? Check websites about my class
Which sites and forums do you visit? Noxxic mmo-champion

Anything Else? If you want to see old progress check
those are my alts now and shaman my main
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