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Your Character
Character Name: Dragin
Server: Stormscale
Le1vel: 90
Class: rogue
Race: blood elf
/played: 4 years

Talents / Glyphs / Equipment
Raiding Spec & Glyphs: combat for most encounters with glyphs of redirect, smoke bomb and evasion (for protectors), or shiv where I use leeching poison
assassination for pride, iron and thok with glyphs of vendetta, redirect and smoke bomb
Why did you choose that spec and those glyphs? glyph of smoke bomb increases smoke bomb duration by 2 secs so whenever is used (immerseus, protectors, norushen. pride, galakras, malkorok, thok) lasts longer
redirect reduces the cooldown of redirect by 50 secs so when I switch I transfer combo points
evasion increases the duration of evasion by 5 secs for protectors if needed to soak some time on anguish and if I need to tank if tank dies for a short period of time
shiv reduces the cooldown of shiv by 3 secs so when I use leeching poison I shiv to heal myself for 5% of my hp every 7 secs (helps a lot on thok and pride. At least it used to when I killed them)

vendetta increase damage in general. I don't think I need to say much about it *-*.

Armoury link (logout in your raiding gear):
Any situational gear (Offspecs etc.):the heroic trinket from galakras (for galakras and spoils)
Information about your off-spec capabilities: same gear same reforges with 2 x heroic daggers from nazgrim

Trade Skills / Level
Profession 1: enchanter / 610
Profession 2: jewelcrafter / 600
First Aid: 600
Cooking: 600
Fishing: 600

When did you first start playing World of Warcraft?: I started playing WoW @ late BC
Previous/Current Guild(s): Ripspawn and Veldt
Reasons for leaving: I raid with ripspawn @ ToT and we cleared it but they stopped raid. I raid with Veldt and progressed on siegecrafter and klaxxi but I had to make a break for a while for some real life issues.
Your raiding Experience: MSV 6/6 hc, HoF 5/6 hc, ToES 4/4 normal, ToT 13/13 hc, SoO 12/14 hc

What hours of the day can you raid between?: everyday from 19:00 - 01:00 server time
What days can you raid on?: every day in general
Will you be at the raid location on time?: yes
Will you go AFK for dinner during the raid?: no

Do you have the legendary meta gem?: yes
Do you have the legendary cloak? (If not, state why and how far): yes

About You
Your name: Kostas
Your age: 35
Your country: Greece
A bit about who you are and what you do for a living: I live in a small town in the southern part of Greece and I work as a civil engineer @ a public construction local firm

Why do you want to join us?: I came back from a short break as I said and I think I can follow up with you
Why should we choose you over another member of your class?: I think spots in raid earned and no given so I am prepared to earn my spot. If I see that other players are better than me I will be fist to step back.
What are your in-game goals?: My current in-game goal is to clear the rest of the remaining bosses and start preparing for WoD when PTR released

Computer specification:
Internet Connection: DSL
Do you have problems with your connection/computer? I run mostly under 60ms and over 60fps - Use this website to provide us with a speed test.
Do you like talking on Teamspeak both during and outside of raids? yes ofc

Knowledge and theory-craft
Do you read theory about your class? always
How do you keep yourself up to date? always
Which sites and forums do you visit? elitist jurkes, noxxic, icy-veins, method

Logs from your previous guild/raids *required: I am afraid I don't have any logs to provide

Anything Else? I hope my application will be accepted. I think Uglybow might have some good things to say for me.
Anything else you'd like to note? I have a 575 hunter and a 570 disc priest as main alts with 11/14 on hunter and 7/14 on priest
Link to UI Screenshot with key bindings:

If you are applying to us privately please state your reasoning behind it.

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