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Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Alphaa, Protection Paladin.

Your CharacterCharacter Name: AlphaaServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: PaladinRace: Tauren/played (optional): 210DaysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: lvl 15I take Speed of Light cause i like the active speed boost, i never like'...
Member avatar small Alphaa 4y
Alphaa3331Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Velayna, Blood Elf Mage

Your CharacterCharacter Name: VelaynaServer: KazzakLevel: 90Class: MageRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): 499 days, 10 hours, 30 minutesTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: I play as Fire, I have pretty much always played Fire ev...
Member avatar small Lee 4y
Lee6284Member avatar small Lee 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Rogue Apply

Your CharacterCharacter Name: RodServer:KazzakLevel:90Class:RogueRace:Undead/played (optional):129 days, 12 hours,47 minutesTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentSubterfuge, Combat Readiness, Elusiveness, Shadowstep, Prey on the Weak, Anticipation and (Burs...
Member avatar small Rod 4y
Rod12595Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Minerva - Protection Paladin

Your CharacterCharacter Name: MinervaServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: PaladinRace: Tauren/played (optional): Total time played: 480 days, Time played this level: 71 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Spec: ProtectionTalents:...
Member avatar small Jeckt 4y
Jeckt7423Small Santuzi 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted]Application Priest

Your CharacterCharacter Name: GrandpopaServer: KazzakLevel: 90, ilvl 568Class: Disc PriestRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): 27 days, 18 hoursTalents / Glyphs / EquipmennTalents: Void Tendrals (not much to choose from here), Body and Soul (Nice to...
Member avatar small Grandpopa 4y
Grandpopa2150Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Mage apply

Your CharacterCharacter Name: MagolinServer: KazzakLevel: 90Class: MageRace: Troll /played (optional):22days 17hTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentTalents-Presence of Mind,Ice Barrier/Temporal Shield,Ring of Frost,Cauterize/Greater Invisibility,Living Bo...
Member avatar small Favela 4y
Favela8366Small Favela 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Approved] Shadow/Disc Priest

Your CharacterCharacter Name: HaidinServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: PriestRace: Undead/played (optional): 95 days+Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: did you choose...
Member avatar small Khater 4y
Khater12441Small Rune 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Hpala Apply

Your CharacterCharacter Name: BuckiliServer: KazzakLevel: 90Class: PaladinRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): 62 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentSpeed of Light,Fist of Justice,Eternal Flame,Unbreakable Spirit,Holy Avenger,Light's HammerGlyph of Han...
Member avatar small Buckili 4y
Buckili6253Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Pinachu - Balance Druid Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: PinachuServer: JaedenarLevel: 90Class: DruidRace: Troll/played (optional): 173 daysTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs:Spec: BalanceFeline Swiftness, Ysera's Gift, Typhoon, Incarnation, Ursol's Vorte...
Member avatar small Pinachu 4y
Pinachu4233Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Elemental shaman

Your CharacterCharacter Name: IoshServer: AuchindounLevel: 90Class: shamanRace: Goblin/played (optional) Total time played: 29 days 16 hours 53min 22secTime played this level 26 days 8 hour 53min 53secTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec &...
Member avatar small Iosh 4y
Iosh9234Small CodyMVO 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: Liekki (Previously Edny, had to change when migrating)Server: Auchindoun, prev. StormscaleLevel: 90Class: warlockRace: Goblin/played (optional): 168 days, 8 hours, 17 minutes, 32 secondsTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRai...
Member avatar small Liekki 4y
Liekki2124Member avatar small Matty 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted - G2] Shammanis application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: ShammaniServer: Eu-AuchindounLevel: 90Class: ShamanRace: Orc/played (optional): Time played on this lvl: 40 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes, 51 secondsTalents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Spec: Restoration ...
Member avatar small oliverced 4y
oliverced7257Member avatar small Matty 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Guild Application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: KinaiyaServer: Stormscale - EU (H)Level: 90 Class: Druid Race: Troll/played (optional):Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Restoration, I usually use Efflorescence, Wild Growth, and either Regrowth ...
Member avatar small Kinaiya 4y
Kinaiya5366Small Topmanboycie 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Wolfeal - Disc/Shadow Priest application

Your CharacterCharacter Name: WolfealServer: StormscaleLevel: 90Class: PriestRace: Blood Elf/played (optional): Played WoW since vanilla Beta. Talents / Glyphs / EquipmentRaiding Spec & Glyphs: Void TendrilsBody and SoulSolace and InsanityAnge...
Member avatar small Wolf 4y
Wolf5290Member avatar small Matty 4y
Accepted Applicants

[Accepted] Prot Warr

Your CharacterCharacter Name: ZangakkarServer: StormscaleLevel: 95Class: WarriorRace: Orc/played (optional): situational gear (Offspecs etc.)Information about your off-spec cap...
Member avatar small Zangakkar 4y
Zangakkar7366Member avatar small Matty 4y
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