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Thok the Bloodthirsty Heroic 10-man down

Matty / Jan 24, 2014
After a fresh new reset, and a slight tweak on tactic we were able to quickly clear up to Thok on Wednesday leaving us with a fresh raid to work on Thok. Fortunately for us all this didn't last long as after an hour of the raid and having out Hunter hop on it we were able to quickly execute an almost flawless kill (Blame Frac for the boss deciding to munch us). It was the first fight that we have recorded after the merge, and I regret to inform you it was done by myself playing my offspec. Mistweave Monks suck ass on that fight...

Anyway, congratulations to all of those in Group 1, shortly after killing we took a brief break and started our progression on Siegecraft. Despite only having a couple of attempts on this boss we were able to push him to 48% before the panic arrived. We hope to have this boss down either this reset or next and be that one step closer to Garrosh.

The kill video for our Thok kill has now been uploaded, and can be seen below. The music was picked up from my Spotify silly me, so you will listen to some of my lovely music along with Teamspeak banter.


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Cody and his gf at the end are fucking priceless! GJ Team1!

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