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Siegecrafter Blackfuse 10 Heroic Down

Matty / Feb 03, 2014
A new reset, and we were able to quickly clear everything up to and including Thok on Wednesday. This left us with two solid raid days to work on our new goal Siegecraft.With only three raid days in total of attempts/progression we were finally able to have our Group 1 team push forward and knock Siegecraft fairly quickly. After a slight tweak to tactics, we were able to quickly gain solid low percentage progression despite the issues we faced with positioning during the fire phase.

Our ranged and healers had a few issues with positioning, not to mention our silly ole Monk tank decided to start our first few attempts tonight using the healer cloak.. Not to mention him using silly glyphs/specs for our attempts didn't help anything. So after a little diving into some research, he quickly redeemed himself and it was quickly made apparent.

Our kill video will be released in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for some lovely Panda flying during the last 15 seconds of the fight *wink

We have brought in a few new members to the guild who are now making a more solid Group 2. We look forward in seeing what they can achieve in the next few weeks. With that being said, we are opening recruitment once again for a few last spots; preferably a ranged caster (I.e. Warlock or Boomy).

We have our first POV kill video up courtesy of our Elemental Shaman - Darnn. We will hopefully upload a few other POVs shortly, our Monk Tank will hopefully be able to render his file sooner rather than later.



Darnn Kill vid, sadly atm Twitch doesnt let me upload it to YT again, its their internal problems with YT.

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