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Paragons of the Klaxxi down 13/14HC

Matty / Feb 13, 2014
Our second full night of progress on Paragons, and from going forward to backwards, then backwards to forwards we were able to finally defeat the boss. There were some messy issues causing issues for us, lag hitting home, people not moving from things, and generally slack.

After losing our healer Azeline with 4 Klaxxis left to come down, our Resto Shaman Trumbe stood up and took shit to another level. Despite him dying to some of our earlier attempts ;)

Despite some ups and downs, arguments and raging we were calling our last attempt of the night. After our healer died, our lovely Rogue, LĂ­cky thought we were calling it and begins to turn away Manipulator. Quickly realizing this, we were able to handle all of the next set of Klaxxis perfectly.

Excellent job from everybody who performed amazingly. Now it's time to focus on Garrosh, let's get this content cleared and push to 25-man.

Another another note, a big congratulations to our newly reformed second group who were able to defeat Spoils of Pandaria, with them now focusing on Thok we can hopefully see a very strong 25-man team coming together.


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