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New Realm. New Name. New Goal.

Matty / Mar 07, 2014
After much consideration, we've taken it upon ourselves as a guild to move away from the overcrowded realm Stormscale. This decision wasn't taken lightly, and had many factors to contribute to the final choices made. The obvious being that when Warlords of Draenor finally hits, the queue times to log in and play will be ridiculous to say the least.

We are now apart of the joint realm of Auchindoun, Dunemaul and Jaedenar. Despite the lack of horde guilds progressing inside Siege of Orgrimmar we've managed to establish two solid 10 man teams, and we are now looking towards 25-man. With a few socials, and some poorly geared players, our first 25-man Heroic raid night saw us achieve 6/14, and our second night pushing further with ourselves facing up to Spoils for Monday. As mentioned, we are still using social members/undergeared players which has unfortunately hindered some of our progress. As this new chapter of our guild life is unfolding, we want you to be apart of it. With this being said we are now actively opening recruitment for reliable, experienced ranged DPS along with 1 Death Knight (DPS) and Feral Kitty.

We hope to have some fresh meat in our raids soon, and allowing us to push further up on the progress ladder.

On a side note, you will never go without a Jeeves it seems after finding out tonight we do run with quite a few ;)



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