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25-man Heroic Progression so far...

Matty / Mar 13, 2014
Our first week of heading into 25-man raiding was sketchy at first, however despite the fact we were running 6 social players and several under-geared characters we were able to push ourselves to a massive 10/14HC bosses in our first reset.

With some recruiting, and some poaching *hides*, we were able to recruit a few extra players (still running 2-3 socials). With the newly joined members, and some alterations for certain encounters, our first raid night took us to 8/14HC and our second night 11/14 with only 13 wipes, we were able to push over Thok allowing us to have Monday freed up for some interesting Siegecraft attempts.

Our Thok kill itself, wasn't the cleanest, but as you know, a kill is a kill. I'm unsure if whether any of our raiders were recording the fight (or broadcasting), but I did manage to snag myself a cheeky screenshot of the kill itself.

As mentioned, previously we are actively recruiting reliable DPS to further our progression, also recruitment is open for all exceptional players regardless of spec.


Kudos to everyone last night - picked up the tactics pretty quickly and got the movement nailed nicely. Perfect fire phase up until the transition...greatest Thok kill ever.
Also I think the following is appropriate:

Use the key to open the door~

The prisoners will get on the floor~

Then everybody DPS the dinosaur~

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