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Matty / Nov 22, 2013
After a long awaited... wait? We have now moved away from our guild name of A Taste of Vengeance, and taken up a new home as Severance. The name change is currently pending and will go through officially in due-course. We had a long discussion prior to this decision of what sort of name we could go for, and as we are always serious.. yeah right, the top name ended up being Bangarang (Reference here) and Buddeh.

However, after a long hard think, it became pretty apparent that both of these names weren't suitable. So to cut a long story short, I would like to welcome you all to the new guild Severance. Hopefully we can contribute a lot to the raiding scene as much as we have here on Stormscale.

Matty / Nov 22, 2013
With only 22 wipes, a fresh reset, and after a slacker rogue finally learnt how to handle Iron Prison we were able to quickly take down Dark Shamans using the 3-tank cheese tactic. Shortly after with only 2 wipes were able to knock Nagrim out of the way and open our push closer to Garrosh.

Despite our Nazgrim kill being a close wipe, we weren't letting another set of adds hold us back!

The logs for our kills can be found for Dark Shamans (here), and General Nagrim (here)

Kor'kron Dark Shaman

General Nazgrim
Matty / Nov 21, 2013
As i make amends to our official guild homepage, this will be our home for the time being. You will see new additions being added over the course of the next few days, the website will also re-direct officially to our new home when it's complete.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy your stay.